Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Vintage Radio

Unsurprisingly I also love old objects, so I need to froth about my new purchase: a 1959 Ekco Radio.

I found this in Camden Passage market today and ha to buy it. I have personal reasons: Ekco was a company founded by my grandfather. I dream of owning the most famous model they produced, the 1930s round set which is widely considered an icon of thirties design . Unfortunately they sell for around a thousand pounds, so are well out of my reach for now, so I'll have to make do with this more common model. I love it's Bakelite casing and cream frontage. The dealer said that it still works, but I've not tried turning it on yet as I want to do some more research into it first (I have read of old radios being turned on without being cleaned up first and basically therefore breaking). However, it's too early to have FM, so it will only be of use for when my hubby listens to the footie on medium wave! I think it will look lovely alongside my other fifties style accessories in the kitchen though.

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