Monday, 20 May 2013

New directions

My life has changed a great deal over the last year, as having a baby will do. The biggest one has been the choice to give up work, at least for the immediate future. My job working for a children's charity, as much as I loved it, involved a very long daily commute which would have meant I didn't see my son at all really during weekdays, which would have been hugely difficult.

I'm not someone who is able to leave the work mind set entirely behind, so while I look round for work closer to home, I have decided to set up an etsy store. I will be selling on some of my vintage finds, but I will also be selling some of my own hand made jewellery.

Jewellery making has been one of my hobbies for a number of years, but it has really come into it's own after having a baby as it is one of my craft interests that I can keep up in the evenings after he has gone to bed! Given my other interests, it is unsurprising that my jewellery creations are often inspired by historic designs. I will be diversifying what I write about on the blog to include my jewellery and the design thoughts behind each piece.

I am planning to launch the shop in June or July; however don't worry that this blog will become just a sales page! Although I will talk about the history and detail of some of the items up for sale, I will be continuing with my usual articles on vintage clothes, style, make up and book reviews as well.

Speaking of which... I have an amazing 1950s skirt dug out of my mothers closet that I need to go and photograph and write up...