Monday, 13 June 2011

Focus on: Pink polkadot 1950s dress

I've been away for quite some time: unfortunately I've been quite ill and real life, serious stuff has had to take priority over fun vintage inspired frollicks for a while. But now - I'm back, I'm well again, and I'm fully recovered, so getting back into my various obsessions, so I will be posting here more often again!

Mind you, one trouble I currently have is that, due to over indulgence in Green and Blacks Butterscotch choc bars when i was ill, I've put on several pounds and a number of my favourite vintage outfits are rather too snug for comfort on. So now I'm on a diet in the hopes that I'll get into my lovely fifties summer dresses when the British summer decides to show it's face. But in the meantime, I shall be digging out some old photos to share and posting a few book reviews...


Starting with an old favourite of mine: my pink 1950s polkadot dress. I bought this to wear to a friends wedding a few years ago:

Now, I'm not much of a pink kind of girl - my inner 7 year old tomboy still objects - but I couldn't resist such a lovely summery style for a summer wedding (naturally it rained all day - the great British summer!!).

I bought it from Cloud Cuckoo Land in Islington. They had it listed as 1950s, which I think is right, but the slightly dropped waistline of the dress makes me think very late fifties - I'd be interested to know what others think? The cream piping on it also seemed a little reminiscent of the sixties, plus when I bought it it had a very prky (I mean sticking out perty to the sides) bow at the neck. Now, I do hate changing original features on a dress, but it has to be said, everyone I showed it to liked the dress, but giggled insanely at the sight of the perky bow, so it had to come off. I still have it somewhere, and could re-attach it any time - but that's unlikely to happen.

As I say, I don't usually wear much pink, so it hasn't had many outings, but it becmes much more do-able with some slightly more edgy accessories - so here for example, is me wearing it to a vintage fair a few months ago, teamed with a funcky leather jaccket to take the sweetness off all that pink: