Thursday, 20 September 2012

Vintage patterns - 1980s

And finally, vintage 1980s dress patterns. I have to say this is my least favourite era, probably because it was the one I grew up during. Indeed, it makes me feel very old to realise that so many people now consider the 1980s to be 'vintage' (using the so-called '30 year' rule). I'm not sure that there are any of these I'm intrested in trying to reproduce at this point - but who knows, give it another ten years and I may feel different about the matter (probably at the point that I'm shuddering about the fashions of my teens in the 1990s being considered vintage...)

Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Vintage patterns - 1970s

Here's my collection of vintage 1970s patterns. I particularly like the empire line mini dress and the halter-neck maxi dress;

Maternity dress, blouse and trousers

Women's dress in two lengths

Dress or top and wrap round skirt

Boy's shirt trousers shorts and tie

Women's dress or tunic

button up dress

Jumper, blouse and pants

Pullover dress or top and pants

Hip yoke dress

Empire line dress

Semi-fitted empire line dress

Dress and jumper

Girls' button front dress

Girls' dress and pinafore

Girls' 'Little house on the prairie' dress and scarf

Girls' dresses

Teen mini dress, skirt, blouse, pants or shorts

Women's dress

Children's coat and trousers

Women's gown and nightdress

Peasant skirt

Girls' pinafore

Teens dress

Smock dress

Women's top and pants

Top, skirt, slacks and shorts

Wedding and bridesmaid dresses

Girls' set of blouses

Vintage patterns - 1960s

And here's the 1960s patterns; once again I'd welcome any thoughts on whether I've dated these correctly. I'm keen to make the three way dress and the women's blouses at some point.

'Dress for three figure types'

Women's coat

Cape and dress

Three way dress

Lightly fitted and flared dress

Teens dress blouse skirt or pants

Skirt and blouse coordinates

Robe in three lengths

Girls' dress in six versions

Girls' jumpers

Girls' skirts

Girls' suit, blouse and pinafore dress

Women's overalls

Women's shift dress

Women's A-line dresses

'The softened shirtdress"

Girls' coordinates

Women's suit

Sportswear - short shift, shorts and scarf

Women's blouses

Teen blouse in two versions

Wrap dress

Women's jacket and overblouse