Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Vintage patterns - 1950s

Over the years I've collected a number of vintage dress patterns. The bulk of these have come from my mother's collection, spanning the 1950s to 1990s, which she passed on to me a couple of years ago. There are also a fair few that I've picked up in charity shops over the years.

Recently I decided to photograph and catalogue all of them, primarily so that I can easily look up what I've got (since they usually live in a box in my attic). I've never been brave enough to use them yet, but I'd like at some point to trace, adapt and use a few of my favourite ones. Unsurprisingly my favourites are the ones from the 1950s and early 60s!

I've decided to share them here, partly because they may be of interest to others, but also because if they're all on the blog, I'll be able to access them on the go - so when I'm sitting chatting with friends about potential sewing projects, I'll be able to show them what I'm talking about, or have the pattern to hand when I'm choosing fabrics.

I've divided them up by decade, starting here with the 1950s; however my dating of them is based on educated guesses for the most part (especially ones on decade cusps), and so I'd appreciate comments and views on whether I've dated them incorrectly! Some of them are also rather battered - the result of, in some cases, decades of use.

I'd particularly like to make the playsuit, the shirtwaist and the blouses at some point.

Girls pinafores

Girls' dresses and aprons

Girls' jumper dress and blouse

slip in 5 versions

Women's pajamas

Girls' school tunic

Teenage slip and petticoat

Proportioned shirtwaist

Women's skirt

Women's one yard blouse

School blouse and skirt

Playsuit and jacket

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