Saturday, 19 February 2011

Focus on: 1920's hat

I want to make sure that my new coat goes with one of my favourite items: this 1920's hat.

I've had this about five years, it having been a leaving gift from a previous job. Working in Islington, and my workmates knowing about my vintage obsession, I was taken on a little shopping trip to one of my favourite vintage shops in the area; Cloud Cuckoo Land in Camden Passage. I've spent very many happy lunch hours browsing in this wonderful shop, and on this occasion I came out with a twenties dress and this hat.

I'm thinking about trying to add decorations to the coat to match the hat, but the technique it's decorated in is a little tricky. Whilst from a distance it looks like it's beaded, it is in fact decorated with lengths of shiney piping sewn on in such a way that they reflect like beads.

Very pretty, but hard to replicate. Although somewhat delicate, it turns out. I do keep it in a hat box, but the very old stitching is starting to come away in a few places. It's quite small, just about ok for my head, but at times I have worn it over twenties style wigs, which I'm concerned might have put a bit too much strain on it. I'm considering how to go about mending it, but I may possibly just have to just wear it a lot less.

It has a makers label inside: 'Aileen, Paris, New York' but I've never been able to find any information about them.

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