Monday, 14 February 2011

Making time: 1920's coat

I'm heading off to a 1920's event next Friday which I've signed up to at the last minute. I've been having lots of fun digging out all my lovely twenties outfits, both original and replica and trying out different combinations, and starting to carefully pack them away in my georgeous portmantue. However - horror of horrors! - I can't find my twenties style coat any where!!

It's not an original, thank goodness, but I spent a long time tracking down a coat like this in charity shops all over the place. It's just simple black wool but the key part is that it had a lovely faux fur collor and was about the right shape to properly set off my 1920's outfits. Unfortunately never got many pictures of it, but his is one of the better photos of me in it (yes, I was trying to look all snooty on purpose!);

Anyway, I have a great fear that the last time we had a big flat clear out, the coat I said "yes you can chuck that one" to my husband may not have been the horrible old eighties coat I'd long gone off after all, but instead this much nicer one instead *sob*

So what to do? Well, I did take a wander around my favourite vintage shops, going goo-goo over the beautiful originals they had, but at prices starting around £200+ for good ones, I really can't justify the expenditure at the moment (one day, one day...!) So instead I am going for the option of making one instead.

after a bit of internet browsing, I fixed on this pattern:

planning to make the wide collared version. I was very impressed with Habithat, who got the pattern to me overnight. Having been whisked off for a romantic valentines weekend by my hubby (of which more later), I didn't get started on it this weekend, so I have just one weekend and 9 weekday evenings to get this made in. In my luch hour I trotted out and bought some creamy fabric and black velvet for the contrast collar and cuffs, so tonight I'll be getting started on the cutting. Will update on progress (or lack of it!) as I go... 

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