Saturday, 19 February 2011

1920s coat progress

So I've been stuck in bed with  stinking cold the last few days, and since trying to understand sewing patterns when you have a fever is generally a bad plan, I am now rather behind with putting my 1920s style coat together!

Still, I have managed to catch up today, and some good effort tomorrow should get me most of the way there. Cutting the pieces out seemed to take forever (cutting is my least favourite part of sewing);

But now I have managed to get the collar in, so just those tricky arms and lining still to do;

I have gone for cream brushed cotton (because it was cheaper than wool) with black velvet collar and cuffs. The idea is for it to both go with my original cream 1920s day dress and also my gorgeous original black cloche hat (which I shall show off later). In my head it works well, although I'm a little nervous about the reality - still, the proof will be in the pudding! so long as I get it finished in time...

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