Wednesday, 23 February 2011

A 60's moment

So I'm having a bit of a sixties moment in my own personal style at the moment. It all started with this little blue number I picked up when rifling through my motheers old clothes at Christmas;

She made it herself back in the 1960s, out of some cheap upholstery fabric she picked up somewhere. Back then of course, it was cheaper to buy some fabric and whip it up into a new outfit for the weekend than to go out and buy a ready made dress. That's sadly not so true in these days of Primarni.

I love this dress though, and luckily it's a perfect fit. I love it's simplicity and the little nipped in waist. Here's the back view;

I find it amusing that my mother insists she never wore skirts above the knee because she was a 'good church girl' who always wore modest clothes. Well, I'm only an inch or so taller than my mother, and this little dress comes quite a bit higher than knee high, so I suspect this was one of the times she tested the boundaries a bit as a young woman! It's funny now to think what a 'moral' issue the length of a skirt used to be - these days my only concerns when wearing a short skirt are purely practical ones!

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