Sunday, 14 August 2011

Vintage Cardigans: original vintage or a composite?

Here's a question thats been bothering me for a while and I'm hoping wise folk on the internet can help with: there seem to be a range of supposedly vintage cardigans with fur collars all over the place at the oment, which are all spookily similar. Are they for real?

To explain: at the London Vintage Fair a while back I found a gorgeous cream ardigan with eal fur collar. It had a diamante closure at the waist and a lining consisting of lace covered by chiffon, giving a very pretty effect of the lace showing through. It was quite distinctive and I nearly bought it, but decided to think on it a while as it was £75 and I am still slightly conflicted about wearing real fur, even when its vintage. I went back a little later and unsurprisingly it was old, but what did surprise me is that the vendor gave me her card, saying they got them in regularly. I assumed she meant cardigans with fur collars, but not the identicl thing.

I then wandered off round the fair a bit more, and to my surprise found another one of these, all the same features (fur collar, diamante closure in the same place, lace and chiffon lining) but in black for about £100.

Since then, I have seen the exact same item in a number of different shops. Looking at them, all the constituent parts do indeed seem to be vintage - the cardigan, the closure, the fur - they're always clearly originals, but he overall design and way its been made is always the same. I find this weird as one of the things about vintage is that even when you find something of the same broad fashion (in this case fur collared carigans), they are usually still distinctively different in some way.

So, my question is - was there really such a string fashion for this tyle at one point that there are lots of these on the market? (baring in mind I've never seen these before this year!) Or is someone making these and selling them on as original vintage, presumably combining original peies to make these more expensive items? I'd really like to know, as they are lovely, but I object to being sold something as original vintage at a high price when it may actually be an 'upcycled' item masquerading as vintage.

Here's the only picture of one of these I've been able to find online - an expired ebay sale I'm afraid, so not a great picture:  I'd be grateful for any information/thoughts on these!

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