Thursday, 6 January 2011

Starting point

Hi, my name is Sally and I have a passion for all things vintage, so I've decided to write about it here. As well as loving to wear the clothes, I love the stories and the journey behind vintage fashion items, which is what I expect I will mainly be talking about here, so it's likely to be quite personal and subjective in nature.

What do I mean by the stories and journey? A number of things. Most obviously the story behind the individual item, when that's available. What prompted me to start this blog was when I recently went through my mothers old clothes with her to find she had an amazing array of 1970's maxi dresses. Each one had a personal story and meaning to her which I find deeply engaging. Often we don't know a piece of clothing's history, but when I put on a vintage dress, I love to imagine what that history might have been - what sort of party was this evening dress bought for, how did the person feel about wearing it, how long must they have saved up to buy it?

Secondly there's it's journey with me - how I found it, why I like it, the research into it's age and history, and where and how I like to wear it.

Thirdly, following on from the last, is the clothings social story - what it's style, fabric etc mean in our social history. My father was a history teacher and passed his love of history onto me, but my fascination has always been with how people lived, whether rich or poor, and how it felt to be that person, in that time. For this reason, although I'll be focussing on twentieth century fashion here, I may occassionally talk about other era's too.

Finally, and maybe most obsucurely, the process of creating character and story through clothes. My love of past fashions needs an outlet, and as well as wearing the clothes for their own sake, for me my main outlet is through attending events set in past eras, whther they be living history, murder mystery parties, dance evenings or whatever opportunity presents itself! I've also been very interested in theatrical costuming, and so I love the process of identifying an era or specific year, working out the character I want to play, then researching and creatively developing what I think they would wear, then building their wardrobe and look. I enjoy making my 'costumes' as period accurate as possible (and affordable) including using original items and making my own reproductions, so I will probably talk about that process from time to time.

I think that just about sums me up, and my plans for this blog, now I shall just have to see where it takes me...

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